Course of Argentine Tango  in Fès and Meknès  - 2010-2011 Season

Meknès - Credit : X

Fès - Credit : B. de Gentile
A full course for Argentine tango  is organized in Fès and Meknès during the scholar year 2010-2011.

The objective is to quickly enable students to participate to the tango ballrooms (milongas), what is the first goal of any formation to tango, seen the central role of ballroom in the Argentine tango culture and also seen the specific transmission process for this dance.

Main topics of course:
  • Fundamentals: floor contact, center(s), centre(s), posture, connection
  • Basics: abrazo, walks, pivots
  • Listening of the tango music
  • Choreographic items of tango
  • Dancing in a milonga (Argentine tango ballroom)
  • Introduction to DJ-ing (for volunteers)
Course is split into three steps: an introductory cycle (L1), a workshop to improve dancing (L2) and a choreography workshop (L3). The full course, rather intense, and associated milongas are equivalent to a two-year traditional course for Argentine tango.

For those who complete the full course AND who dance an equivalent time in milongas, the transition to the next step, lessons or workshop organized in Morocco or elsewhere, will be immediate.

Important: Those who wish to have a pause during the course will have no difficulty to reenter it later. In any case, they will be able to participate to milongas as soon as the introductory cycle is completed.

Credit: B. de Gentile
Still more important: the course includes milongas  that will be organized twice a month in each of both cities.

Open to all tangueros, being students or not, living on place or not, these milongas will be hosted by DJs of the team (see page Team) and also by DJs from Fès or Meknès.

All students are kindly invited to also attend milongas that could take place in other cities, in Casablanca for instance (see page Links and contacts) where the frequency of milongas and the number of dancers are higher.