Introductory Cycle L1

The introductory cycle L1 stands for 21 hours of lessons provided during 3 week-ends. In this cycle, are introduced  fundamentals (floor , center(s), axis, connection), basics (walking, pivots, abrazo (embrace), listening of music) and the first choreographic items of tango required to attend milongas.

The effort request to students is rather high as each week-end stands for 7 hours of lessons that take place between 13h and 17h30 on Saturday and on Sunday (see the page Planning).

All lessons will be given by a couple of teachers, what enables to deal with both roles of men and women.

As soon as the second week-end, a milonga is scheduled for students, for the purpose to put them into real conditions of dancing as soon as possible, knowing that dancing in ballroom stands for at least half of the learning time for all dancers.

A minimum of 10 couples of students is required to launch this introductory cycle.

Lessons of the introductory cycle will take place:
 in Fès:
  • 02 & 03 October 2010
  • 16 & 17 October 2010
  • 06 & 07 November 2010
 in Meknès:
  • 13 & 14 November 2010
  • 04 & 05 December 2010
  • 11 & 12 December 2010
Fès Country Club - HL Fit & Wellness
route de Zouagha
30020 Fès

tel: +212 5 3572 8404
mobile (Benoit, France): +33 6 0754 5773
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L'Espace Francophone - AFF
39 rue Ouakaat Zalaka
50000 Meknès

tel: +212 5 3540 3342
mobile (Benoit, France): +33 6 0754 5773
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Registrations for Introductory cycle L1 are opened since August 15th, 2010.
  • Being registered with a partner is recommended, but it is possible to register alone.
  • Fees for cycle L1 is 440 Dh (40 euros) per person and per week-end.